Preventing Pregnancy Stretch Marks: Is Bio Oil Your Best Option?

Pregnancy is a joyful time in a woman’s life but it also has its downsides. One of the most visible downsides after delivery is the presence of stretch marks on your skin including the stomach, arms and thighs. Stretch marks may be a common problem but it can be upsetting to most women especially when these skin flaws are extreme. The good news is that Bio Oil can help in significantly lessening the unsightly appearance of stretch marks.

Contrary to the claims of manufacturers of anti stretch mark cream products, no miracle cures exist that will completely eliminate these skin flaws. The best that can be done is to reduce these squiggly lines that appear lighter or darker than the surrounding skin such that they appear to blend in. The natural ingredients in Bio Oil have been proven effective in achieving this purpose, which the majority of pregnant women will love. Stretch marks are the result of the skin’s top layer being stretched too far that, in turn, makes the lower layer too thin to withstand the stress. The constant stretching then results in stretch marks after giving birth.

These stretch marks will look like sore lines and may even feel sore, not to mention that these squiggly lines look very dark, indeed. These lines will fade in time but will still be there for all to see, if and when they care to look too close for comfort. You may want to completely erase any and all vestiges of your stretch marks but this goal can prove difficult. Instead, we suggest massaging Bio Oil into your skin so that its ingredients of essential oils and vitamins can work wonders, so to speak.

These ingredients provide for intensive hydration of the skin cells that, in turn, lessens the unsightly look of the scars on your skin. Take note that the emphasis is always on reducing the stretch marks, not on completely removing these skin flaws. But Bio Oil stretch marks treatment will prove effective when used in a regular and proper manner even before the stretch marks start to appear on your skin. Apply Bio oil at the start of your pregnancy and you can avoid the worst of these skin flaws.

Also, the ingredients in Bio Oil encourage the growth of new healthy skin cells to replace the ones being lost in the daily process of skin shedding. Keep in mind, too, that as your skin stretches, it will lose its natural elasticity. Bio Oil will help in restoring elasticity to both the top and lower layers of your skin, thus, making it easier for getting back your flawless skin before the pregnancy. Just massage Bio Oil into your skin and this will help in coping with the increasing demands made on it.

Prevention is always the better part of the cure. If you can stop the stretch marks from becoming worse even before these flaws start to appear, then you are one step ahead of a potential problem. Stretch marks are one of the most visible signs of pregnancy on your body and you will not want to mar your skin with too many of these dark or light lines. Bio Oil is very easy to use against these stretch marks – just apply and even enjoy the pleasant smell.